PCM1704 stereo digital to analog converter


PCM1704 24 bit 384kHz sign magnitude stereo DAC.


Inputs: 24 bit PCM Binary Two’s Complement
Format: up to 24 bit 384kHz
Architecture: PCM1704 R2R ladder with sign magnitude notation
Clock mode: continuous clock
Master clock: 5.6448/6.144 MHz up to 88.2/96 KHz, 11.2896/12.288 MHz up to 176.4/192KHz, 22.5792/24.576 MHz up to 352.8/384 KHz
Isolation: Full optical isolation with TWSAFB-OIR
Output: current output +/- 1.2mA, 0.85V rms with 100R I/V
Power supply: +/- 5VDC 100 mA
Board size: 99 x 99 mm

How to get the best jitter performance

The TWSAFB-LT FIFO buffer and the optional TWSAFB-OIR isolation and reclock board are recommended to get the best performance from this DAC board.

The TWSAFB-LT FIFO buffer isolates the DAC from the source and the TWSAFB-OIR perfoms the reclock of the BCK signal with the clean MCK.