TWRPS-pp micro

The Well Regulated Poweer Supply push-pull voltage regulator

15Vdc and 3.3Vdc regulators

The TWRPS-pp micro is a low noise push-pull voltage regulator which can be used to provide positive and negative voltage rails.


Regulator type: push-pull

Output: 3V3 to 15Vdc 100 mA

Board size: 33mm x 51mm

Power supply: unregulated 9 to 23Vdc 100 mA

Board options: bare board only

Schematic and download

TWRPS-pp micro positive rail schematic

Negative rail assembly:
– install Q101 and Q112 instead of Q1 and Q12
– reverse the polarity of all diodes
– reverse the polarity of all capacitors
– Q3 and Q5 are D44H11 instead of D45H11
– Q10 is D45H11 instead of D44H11
– Q4, Q6 and Q7 are BC860C instead of BC850C
– Q8 and Q9 are BC850C instead of BC860C
– Q2 and Q11 are 2SA1312 instead of 2SC3324