Soekris DAM1021 upgrade (preview)

DAM1021 with upgrade

The TWSDAC-OIDAM is a set of two boards intended to implement a true FIFO buffer and isolate the DAC from the source.


Inputs: 32 bit custom protocol (provided by the TWSAFB-LT FIFO buffer)
Format: up to 24 bit 384kHz
Architecture: DAM1021 R2R ladder with sign magnitude architecture
Clock mode: Stopped clock
Master clock: 5.6448/6.144 MHz up to 88.2/96KHz, 11.2896/12.288 MHz up to 176.4/192 KHz, 22.5792/24.576 MHz up to 352.8/384 KHz
Isolation: Full optical isolation using the optional TWSAFB-OI board
Output: voltage output 1.4V rms
Power supply: +5VDC 60 mA (provided by the DAM1021)
Board size: 87 x 82 mm (stacked on the DAM1021)

Get the best performance

The TWSAFB-LT FIFO buffer provides the custom protocol to feed the TWSAFB-OIDAM/DAM1021 DAC with sign magnitude notation. This architecture allows to implement a true FIFO buffer wich isolates the source from the DAC. TWSAFB-OI board allows full optical isolation.

This architecture allows the use of low phase noise external oscillators in place of the DAM1021 local clock. The TWSAFB-LT FIFO buffer allows to implement the DAC calibration in order to reach true 24 bit accuracy.

Download (coming soon)