TDA1541A dual mono sign magnitude architecture digital to analog converter with built-in I/V converter (preview)

TDA1541A Dual Mono DAC (one channel shown)

The TWSDAC-1541 is 16 bit 192kHz dual mono sign magnitude architecture DAC with built-in I/V converter.


Inputs: 16 bit custom protocol (provided by the TWSAFB-LT FIFO buffer)
Format: up to 16 bit 192kHz
Architecture: TDA1541A with sign magnitude architecture (one for each channel)
Clock mode: stopped clock
Master clock: 5.6448/6.144 MHz up to 176.4/192KHz
Isolation: Full optical isolation
Output: 1.8V rms, zero feedback discrete current to voltage converter
Power supply: 3 shunt regulators for the DAC section (+5VDC digital, -5VDC analog, -15VDC analog), inductive power supply for the I/V section (+/-20VDC).
Suitable transformer: 30VA, 7.5VAC/400mA x 2, 16.5VAC/350mA, 50VAC/190mA x 2
Board size: 127 x 203 mm

Get the best performance

The TWSAFB-LT FIFO buffer provides the custom protocol to feed the TDA1541A DAC in dual mono/sign magnitude architecture. This architecture avoids the DAC to switch the MSB every zero crossing in order to decrease the glitch and improve the distortion figure at low output level.

One DAC chip is needed for each channel.

Download (coming soon)