TWSDAC-DSD The Well Segmented DAC (DSD-SE) bundle

DSD256 single ended discrete DAC

The TWSDAC-DSD-SE-BNDL is the DSD256 single ended discrete DAC bundle. The bundle includes the following boards:

  1. TWSAFB-XMOS I2S/DSD over USB finished board
  2. TWSDAC-DSD-SE Single Ended discrete DAC finished board
  3. TWTSEBX4 Single Ended line buffer with mute circuit finished board
  4. TWRPS-LT-TB transformers bank bare board
  5. TWRPS-3V3 low noise power supply for USB receiver finished board
  6. TWRPS-SS low noise power supply for DSD DAC SE finished board
  7. TWRPS-DS low noise power supply for Line buffer finished board

See the User Manual of each board for specifications and connections.

The following items have to be sourced to complete the DAC:

  • through hole components to populate the TWRPS-LT-TB transformers bank
  • enclosures for DAC (1)
  • 22.5792/24.576 MHz or 45.1584/49.152 MHz oscillators if not supplied


Input format: DSD (and PCM with PCM2DSD interface installed)
Inputs: 1 x USB port
Format: up to DSD256 (DSD256 in RTZ mode)
Architecture: single ended discrete 32 taps FIRDAC
Clock mode: continuous clock
Master clock: 22.5792/24.574 MHz or 45.1584/49.152 MHz up to DSD256 (DSD256 in RTZ mode)
RTZ: Return to Zero logic available (selectable by dip-switch on board)
Output: voltage output 1.4V rms in RTZ mode
Configuration: all settings on board
Output phase: direct or reversed (dip-switches on board)
Master Clock selection: T-switch configuration relay to select the sample rate family instead of
Optical isolation: all output signals are optically isolated from the XMOS processor to avoid
interferences from the source
External Master Clock: SMA connectors can be installed for external clocks
Optional: PCM2DSD interface connectors on board
Phase noise: very low phase noise outputs (SCK)
Power supply: low noise linear and shunt regulators (without transformers)
Note: all finished boards (without RCA connector and transformers)