The Well Segmented discrete DSD Single Ended Digital to Analog Converter

DSD single ended discrete DAC

The TWSDAC-DSD is a Single Ended DSD discrete DAC which accepts up to DSD512 sample rate.

The TWSAFB-LT FIFO buffer and the TWSAFB-XMOS USB receiver provide the DSD output to
feed the DAC in single ended architecture and RTZ mode (Return to Zero). The DSD DAC can
even work when driven by any other source which provides standard DSD output without RTZ.
RTZ mode is strongly recommended to get the best performance from the DSD DAC.

The TWTSEBX4 single ended line buffer is recommended to null the offset and provide the
suitable gain (up to 1.8V rms). The line buffer fits the DAC board.


Inputs: standard DSD (provided by the TWSAFB-LT FIFO buffer, TWSAFB-XMOS or any other source)
Format: up to DSD512
Architecture: single ended
Clock mode: continuous clock
Master clock: 5.6448/6.144 MHz up to DSD128 (DSD64 RTZ), 11.2896/12.288 MHz up to DSD256 (DSD128 RTZ), 22.5792/24.576 MHz up to DSD512 (DSD256 RTZ)
Isolation: DATA signals optically isolated
RTZ  logic: Return to Zero logic available when driven by the TWSAFB-LT or the TWSAFB-XMOS
Output: voltage output 0.7V (0.35V rms in RTZ mode) with Vref=4VDC
Power supply: digital VDD +3.3VDC to +5VDC 300 mA, analog Vref +3.3VDC to +5VDC 150 mA
Board size: 163 x 76 mm