The Well Tempered Master Clock Colpitts-Clapp oscillator

11.2896 MHz Colpitts-Clapp oscillator

The TWTMC-C is a low phase noise oscillator to be used as the master clock for digital to analog conversion.


Oscillator type: Colpitts-Clapp

Frequencies: 5.6448 MHz, 6.144 MHz, 11.2896 MHz, 12.288 MHz, 16.9344 MHz, 22.5792 MHz, 24.576 MHz, 33.8688 MHz, 45.1584 MHz, 49.152 MHz

Output: 50 Ohm square wave (+15 dBm)

Crystals: AT-Cut fundamental and overtone

Board size: 25mm x 45mm

Power supply: 15 Vdc 20 mA and 3.3/5Vdc 15 mA

Board options: bare board only

Note: supplied without crystal

Schematic and download

TWTMC-C schematic