The Well Tempered Master Clock Sine to square converter

Left and Right sine to square converters

The TWTMC-STS converts the sine wave output of oscillators and frequency doublers into square wave. There are 2 options with different pins layout: TWTMC-STS-SX (Left) and TWTMC-STS-DX (Right).


Oscillator type: any

Frequencies: 5.6448 MHz to 98.304 MHz

Input: 50 Ohm sine wave

Output: 50 Ohm square wave (+15 dBm)

Board size: 22mm x 32mm

Power supply: 3.3 to 5 Vdc 15 mA

Board options: finished only      

Note: supplied without connectors

Measurements and download

TWTMC-STS phase noise measurements