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    If you set out and want to try to convince those people, don’t bother.
    If someone is willing to learn, and know, and change and advance, that’s one thing.
    But the type of persons that you’re dealing with, they just want to ruin everything, and shit on everything, and make whoever oppose their beliefs miserable.
    Especially, if it develops a pattern, repeating over and over, that’s when you know for sure.
    These are people that they couldn’t even have it in them, to learn or think.
    It doesn’t matter, no level of evidence or truth or whatever will change the ideology.
    As a matter of fact evidence means nothing with these people, so why bother.
    In other words in a large scale, you do it for yourself, and people that are close to you, and your friends.
    Focus on those, who appreciate you, and find your work inspiring. And who are grateful for your gifts and your help in advancing this great quest for music joy.