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The Well Audio

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I know them, they are not engineers, they only are obtuse people who talk only about measurements and then they are not even able to read the measurements they are pointing out.

    Someone referred to Auralic products and mocked Mark (and his friend) for his statements.
    Well, they are not even able to compare a few basic measurements in order to understand that Auralic devices are nothing special although very expensive.
    Let’s pick the LEO GX.1 Reference Master Clock, the Femto seconds master clock as they claim.
    From their website:
    Equivalent Phase Noise: -110dBc/Hz@1Hz (Ref Frequency: 10MHz)

    Well, our 10 MHz DRIXO oscillator measures -120dBc/Hz@1Hz, 10 dB better than the Auralic.
    Of course, we have published the phase noise plot, they don’t.

    To put it like Mark, DRIXO “destroys” Auralic.

    Just the last curious thing: our DRIXO costs 251 Euro (crystal + finished board), while the Auralic Leo costs 9899 Euro!

    But perhaps such engineers need to go back to school to figure out how to compare the measurements they are very fond of.
    And if they don’t like what I wrote they can always come here and reply, they are welcome.
    But they won’t.

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