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        Hello Andrea,

        Im getting ready to send you the order form but I need to know which boards and power supplies do I need for the best sound possible for my setup.

        My Dac currently is the holo audio spring 3. And my source is rpi4 with your hdmi transmitter. I already have your drixo clocks to use for your buffer.

        I will be replacing Ian canada fifo buffer  with your buffer and my question is which boards and power supplies do I need for best possible sound quality to connect to my holo spring 3 dac?

        so far i know I will need the following:

        1. fifo board

        2. Hdmi receiver

        3. hdmi transmitter


        1. do i need squarer?

        2. do i need reclocker?

        3. Which power supplies?

        4. What other boards do i need?

        Thank you,



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        The Well Audio

          It depends on the way you are planning to connect the DAC.
          How have you connected Ian’s FIFO to the DAC?

          Anyway you don’t need the squarer since the FIFO Lite has the sine to square converter onboard.

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            Hi Andrea,

            I will be connecting your fifo via hdmi i2s to holo spring 3.

            I am connecting ians fifo via hdmi i2s to the spring 3

            thank you,


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            The Well Audio

              OK, so you don’t need any reclocker and no other boards than that have mentioned.

              You need the power supply for the FIFO Lite: 7VDC/200mA and clean regulated 3V3DC/30mA.

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                Thanks Andrea,

                Do you have any recommendation for the 7v supply?

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                  Built the TWTTB buffer last week and I am impressed with the result, still getting hours on the build but so far I think it offers a slight improvement to my ears between the DAC Lite and my Gryphon Preamp.

                  The main reason I built it was for use in travel to fellow Audio enthusiasts houses for group meets, I had an experience a while back where I brought the DAC Lite to a group meet and the sound on this occasion was below my expectations since it was up against an AD 1862 DAC which I have myself.

                  I was confused on the day as to the cause so I hope to try again later in the year with the TWTTB in tow to see if adding it helps the pairing with the Conrad Johnson Pre, Jadis Integrated Amp and Quad ESL63’s used at the meet.

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