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        <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hello, I am new to this forum, but I discovered your work through DIYAudio Forum.
        I am almost done with building a dual CS4398 DAC with I2S multiplex and Waweio as USB digital interface.
        I have designed also all shunt regulators a la “Erno Borbely”.
        It sounds great but I still need a SPDIF interface.
        I am right now building up a SPDIF interface with CS8416 receiver. I have seen in the datasheet that I can use as MCK another clock signal in PIN 25 -</p>
        OCMK. I think the right value should b e 12.288 MHz. Do you have a priced value board to try this?

        I have noticed the huge difference between feeding the CS8416 with the SPDIF signal of the source and the signal coming from the WaveIo board.

        Even if it is two times processed it sounds much better through the WaveIo boards.

        So I thought it was worth to experiment with an external clock source.

        All the DAC ist controlled through I2C bus and Arduino.



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        The Well Audio

          The only oscillator available at 12.288 MHz is the TWTMC-DRIXO with the SC-Cut crystal.

          Sorry, no cheaper solution.

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