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        Hi Andrea,

        I had gotten several PCM1704 chips from a reputable source and planned a board. Now I see your page after diyAudio … and your TWSDAC-LT … and a PCM1704 board. I think about PCM1704 I do not have to think further.

        I am planning a new chain with classic 2 channel (stereo) setup and passive speakers (PC, I2SoverUSB, TWSAFB-LT ,TWSDAC-LT, …). In addition, I would like to test a fully digital system. Therefore I would like to know at the moment, in order not to get lost unnecessarily in a material battle, whether I could use your ingredients also in such a system. Therefore I would be basically grateful if you could tell me if the following maximum setup could work for such a synchronous (!) 8-channel system:

        PC with BruteFIR (Linux), miniDSP MCHStreamer Kit (USB -> 8 x I2S *), 4x TWSAFB-LT, 4 xTWSDAC-LT, x Dixo.



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        The Well Audio

          Hi Thomas,

          unfortunately the FIFO Lite does not support multichannel.
          There isn’t any way to sync 4 FIFOs.
          Although they could share the same master clock, there is no guarantee that the buffers of the 4 boards work synchronously.

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