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      The Well Audio

        While the DACs battle thread has been closed, the usual measurements-obsessed geniuses are at work again.
        Although they are unable to correlate their FFT measurements to perceived sound quality in any way.

        Once there was a thread in which proponents of perceptual differences confronted those obsessed with measures.
        It was The Well Temprered Master Clock, but then, of course, that was closed too.

        In conclusion, any thread regarding perceived sound quality is regularly closed, and some members banned.
        Immediately after comes the genius bohrok2610 who opens the ultimate thread

        Therefore we have decided to open this “shadow” thread so that even those who understand that FFT measurements are almost useless for predicting sound quality can comment, without being banned.

        Obviously, detractors and those who hate us deeply are also welcome.

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        The Well Audio

          Just for fun let quote a post on the other thread

          The PCB in the attached picture is 2 layers with both top and bottom ground planes.
          The measurements are public and verified (-155dBc@10Hz).

          It is quite evident that the claim posted by the thread’s starter is wrong and unsupported.

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