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        Hi Andrea!

        I want to try getting a spdif out from the FIFO Lite. Is there any chance you design an spdif interface that could be driven from thge FIFO?. In case not, what would you recommend? I am considering IANs mk2 transport as it could be drive from the MCLK output of the FIFO. What do you think?



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        The Well Audio

          The problem is that SPDIF is a very jittery interface by itself, since the clock is embedded in data.
          So that, there will be a PLL after the SPDIF receiver, which practically vanishes the help of the FIFO.
          That’s the reason we have not implemented SPDIF output in the FIFO.
          SPDIF will be an input for the FIFO, since in the future we will design a SPDIF-I2S interface, but not an output.

          We like to be honest, so we cannot incourage such way, because the SPDIF shouln’t be used to get good performance.

          About the tantalum nitride version of the DAC Lite I understand your frustration, but keep in mind that we cannot test all the ways when we develop a device. Developing cost are huge, so we have to make some design choices at the beginning.

          We have discovered the TN resistors when we tested the DSD DAC because a user suggested to try them. Then we also have built a TN version of the DAC Lite.
          It sounds a little more detailed with TN resistors, but it’s a small difference, the standard DAC Lite sounds already very well.
          Hope you undertand.

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            The fact is that my ABBAS DAC is only spdif input and I want to keep it. So I want to build the best diy interface for it. I would prefer to integrate your FIFO into the ABBAS DAC but I do not dare to do this mod…So please let me ask you again for the combination of your FIFO with IANs spdif, can you think about any reason why it shouldn`t work? any better chance you can imagine?

            As for your DAC I have almost decided to wait for your SOTA DAC.

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            The Well Audio

              Since TRANSPORTPI MKII accepts I2S input it should work. There is also a MCK input but I don’t know what frequency is suitable for this input, you should ask the designer. BTW, the FIFO Lite provides MCK output at the frequency of the connected oscillators.

              We are working on the Sonic Empire DAC but it will take long time to get it ready, at least one year, maybe more.

              In the meantime I would suggest to get the DAC Lite running and compare it with your ABBAS DAC driven by Ian’s SPDIF transport.

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