The Well Coupled I/V converter Zero Feedback

Dual mono current to voltage converter

TWCIVC-ZF DAC current to voltage converter without global feedback and inductive power supply.


Inputs: current output DAC (up to -/-3.5 mA)
Input impedance: less than 3 ohm
Architecture: Class A push-pull folded cascode without global feedback
Suitable DACs: TDA1541A, AD1862, AD1865, PCM63, PCM1704, PCM1794 and similar current output DAC
Output options: DC coupled (optional AC coupled)
Board mode: mono
Output: up to 2V rms
Power supply: 50VAC/200mA x 2
Board size: 127 x 118 mm (excluding RCA connector)

Note: finished board without chokes and I/V conversion resistor