The Well Regulated Power Supply Transformers bank

Line output buffer with Bisesik output transformers

The TWRPS-LT-TB board has been designed to provide AC power supply to the following regulators:

  • TWRPS-UGL unity gain linear regulator for DRIXO/EXO and PXO oscillators
  • TWRPS-TS voltage tracking shunt regulator for TWSDAC-LT DAC Lite or TWRPS-SS shunt regulator for TWSDAC-DSD discrete DAC
  • TWRPS-LT shunt regulator for TWSAFB-LT FIFO buffer


Inputs: selectable 115/230 VAC

Output: 20VAC, 10VAC x 6

Board size: 217 x 77 mm

Board options: bare board only

Schematic and download

TWTTCB full schematic