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    Andrea, may I ask you some questions:

    – It seems that some people made the experience that a SOCs I2S can be destroyed if the SoC is not powered and its load still is…can you see that risk as well with your Fifo ?

    – If yes: When I select the source in your Fifo, i hear relays klicking…does this mean, the I2S source is fully detached ? So if the SoC is not powered anymore but not selected as a source…no issue ?

    – Or, do I have to use in any case a galvanic isolationboard when using I2S-Sources (mysdtrans384 sofar had no issues without it btw)


    And very last question: How do you want the forum be used ? Do you want me to give reports on findings when playing with SoC and Software or shall I use diyaudio or other forums for that ?