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    Hi Andrea,

    I am working on the subject on multiple fronts: Got a couple of x86 SoC like 8350 and N5100, but as well a dozen different ARM-devices.

    Currently I am working on finding the right Linux-Settings which is all about reducing OS-Noise, isolate interrupts and Player-threat, creating my own custom Kernels etc.

    One thing which is alread obvious: You can clearly hear the differences between TSC and HPET-clocksource and their respective max-User-frequencies which are customizable in Linux.


    I found this article on Aliexpress:

    I am not interested to buy that as I rely on your clocks obvisouly, but I ask myself: Is this really so easy to bring the whole board to a new level of jitter performance ? JUst excahnge that Crystal like in an old CD-PLayer ?

    I thought that this crystal is only used for the RTC clock (battery powered) to keep the time/date when powering off the PC, no ? After boot a PC should enable the crystal within the CPU and than software enabled clock like TSC / HPET take over…but this guy explains a different story…

    If it is really that simple…well..than lets try.