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    Kazuma Said

    I’m not sure about that whole Dante thing. It’s purpose is to stream data to some remote location, often multiple locations.

    Like this: convert i2s to custom protocol, send it over lan cord, convert back to i2s at destination.

    While we have all our gear in same room.

    Seems like a unnecessary link in a chain?

    I got a modded Singxer F1 with separate clock supply via LiFePo4 and UlraCaps. The cheap unmodded Dante Monism boards are audibly better.

    The interesting thing is that running Windows Server 2016 as RamBoot makes a big difference on the F1, but with the Monism boards the impact is way smaller.

    This tells me that a propper reconstuction of the signal is key.

    I have yet to feed a dedicated clock to the Dante System, but that’s why I came to this Site.

    Greets Klaus